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Off Grid Ready KIT Homes 

Simple as ABC or 123

Polar Maxima Developed a Super Strong, Super Insulated
High Performance Home Building KIT.

Choice of Turn Key or EASY DIY with Engineered Building KIT 101.

The Building Components are pre-cut, pre-drilled and color-coded 
allowing for fast, easy and precie assembly process.

The Building Structure is designed to withstand the heaviest snow loads and
rainfalls and is resistant to high Arctic and hurricane force winds.

Polar Max360 insulation is totally FREE of THERMAL BRIDGES.
It offers outstanding protection in all weather conditions HOT or COLD.

Climate Specific Insulation Packages allowing for Maximum Values
ON or OFF-the-Power GRID.

We Manufacture Homes that are Resistant, Resilient and Sustainable.
They Protect Well in the Most Extreme Weather Conditions found on Earth.

Build a Legacy that Helps Protect and Comfort Generations of Loved Ones.

Polar Maxima's goal is to manufacture KIT Homes that are Strong, Healthy, Durable
Energy Efficient, Safe and Eco-Friendly so they will help Protect humans
and Restore the Environment for many Centuring to Come.

Be Prepared for Living in Changing and Challenging Climates.

Live in a Safe Haven in Times of Crisis.

The heating, cooling and ventilation systems offers easy temperature, humidity, and air quality control throughout the year.

  High quality Energy-Star appliances and ergonomic custom furniture is optional.

With periodic maintenance, your house is protected against condensation, rot and mildew,   expanding the life cycle of your home or building.


PolarMax360 is a unique insulation system made with EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene). It is solid, Air tight, fast and easy to install and to finish.

* Effective R-Values of Exterior Insulation "Panel Alone" (Plus Wall Value)             

-Polar Cub 5" / R20 -

       Our Baby is a Heavy Weight. 

It Adds a Significant R-Values to any New Construction or Older Building Helping Reduce Energy Needs by it to easily become Solar Passive. 

 Polar Bear 7" / R30 -  Polar Extreme 9" / R40  

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Our patent pending profile and tie down furring allows the insulation panels to firmly
and securely lock into place.

The walls becomes air tight, water tight and totally thermal bridge free.   

Exterior Insulation System

* Effective R-value, takes into account the cumulative value of thermal resistance for all materials within the assembly. Wood only offer a resistance of R-1 per inch, bat insulation is R-3.5 per inch and medium density is EPS R4.16. Polar MAX360 adds that much true thermal bridge free insulation value to your existing building allowing your structure to become a thermal mass that stores energy instead of wasting it.

Each kit building structure is similar to a flat pack furniture.
It is loaded in an enclosed cargo van or cargo containers and shipped to your building site with all the tools and materials needed to proceed to final assembly.

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We offer significant improvements to predicting your costs and creating schedule certainty through accelerated assembly of kit building structures.  Polar Maxima uses only high quality products and systems that contribute to LEED points and other recognized building certification programs.


The environmentalist at heart will appreciate the freedom and independence of living in harmony with nature while having the convenience of modern day life. Polar Maxima's technology offers smooth off-grid configuration so you can live easily and comfortably away from the utility grid. For tourism or exploration, we help you save tremendous amounts of money by helping to reduce or eliminate the need for on-site polluting power generation.


Polar Maxima developed and engineered a healthy building structure capable of outstanding performances north of the 60th parallel. We've lived in the north and visited communities such as Tuktoyaktuk, Iqaluit and Yellowknife. We know about the home crisis faced by First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities throughout Canada. That is why we designed a solution specifically tailored to your needs.

Polar Maxima designed a kit homes for cold climates to help communities regain autonomy while simultaneously reducing construction costs and energy consumption. 

Our goal is to add value to your homes to the benefit of the entire community.  


Looking for an eco-friendly home that lowers your energy bills, enhances your comfort, and offers healthier living?

Polar Maxima offers you the opportunity to own and even build yourself a home that will last and better perform in all climates. Our innovative building technology creates a safe indoor environment and our structures are designed for easy assembly by the home buyers or friends, family or professionals. help. Our sustainable homes are designed to save you time, money and energy so your family and future generations can enjoy a better quality of life. 

KIT Home Manufacturing means 90% of the job's done, only 10% of comprehensive assembly is left. Then you ENJOY the comfort of your new home and reap the benefits for generations to come!