Indigenous Housing

Polar Maxima offers a community-oriented solution 
in response to the indigenous housing crisis in Canada.

We believe everyone deserve to live in healthy, low maintenance, 
long-lasting and culturally appropriate housing.

Let us help you build a better future for your community.

quality KIT housing stock AND
Support FOR Your local Economy

Kit Building Kit Homes

Housing is a large investment in your community.

We create a win-win opportunity.

Polar Maxima supplies ready-to-assemble kit homes to your community.

You hire members or the local construction company to assemble the kits.
We can also help if you prefer.

All the building components are pre-cut, pre-drilled and
identified with color coding for simplified and quick assembly, 
even by non-experts.

Create community pride by building your own home with other members

Live in a healthy environment free of toxic mould and chemicals

Leave a legacy by passing on your home to the next seven generations

Contact us to learn how we can work together with your community.

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