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Polar Maxima's kit building structures are eco-engineered for outstanding performance, even in the coldest climates.

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Polar Maxima Polar Cub
Polar Maxima

Our baby was born well prepared. 

Polar Cub is our most affordable home insulation package. It creates an immediate return on your investment.  Well priced and well engineered, it's meant to reduce your energy needs by more than 30%. This is compared to a structure built according to the National Building Code or the standards of most pre-fabricated or on-site built homes.

Polar Cub insulation values are considerably higher than the National Building Code average and even superior to NOVOCLIMAT standards (which are the best of the Quebec industry). This becomes an ideal structure for use in southwestern British Columbia. Our insulation packages perform equally well in cold or hot weather. They are also suitable for all the provinces, the Lower 49 states, including Hawaii, plus the Caribbean. Polar Cub now becomes the base for a passive housing lifestyle. Regardless of your final choice, Polar Cub offers greater values than the National Building Code and will keep you comfortable and safe year-round.

Polar Maxima Polar Bear
Polar Maxima

Protection and endurance at its best.

Polar Bear offers full grown protection. It's the most economical way of achieving your goal of higher energy efficiency at a low cost, especially if you're concerned about rising energy prices. This insulation package was designed for exceptional savings across Canada and the United States, with up to 70% savings on energy bills.

What makes our insulation package unique is the energy efficiency of our building envelope is designed to be free of all thermal bridging. We also added highly efficient triple-pane windows, with an option to upgrade to quad pane R10 windows with their incredible sound proofing capacity. To further enhance the value of our Polar Bear, we nearly doubled the thermal resistance and reduced the conductivity to a bare minimum. By adding innovative systems and eco-responsible technology you get the "best home or building money can buy". 

If you are looking for comfort, durability, immediate savings and long-term value, Polar Bear has it all.

Polar Maxima
Polar Maxima off the grid

Where the road ends, freedom starts.

Perhaps you dream of a home in the quiet wilderness with no power poles in sight and a beautiful mountain view by the lake or by the sea. Or maybe you need to set up a camp or build a village where none existed before. But you're looking for the most environmentally friendly, off the grid and affordable building solutions.

Polar Extreme is exactly what you would expect. It's an insulation package allowing you to live in challenging environments with extreme temperatures, like those found in the north and the high Arctic, as well as in the desert. It's so extremely energy efficient, you can transform into passive living without much effort or hassle. Polar Extreme will protect your family and your investment just about anywhere. 

With Polar Extreme, you can reduce your energy needs by as much as 90%. We achieved such results utilizing the best green technology and know-how building science has to offer. With minimal energy requirements, it becomes easy to become passive by complementing your home with small, easy to install, solar, wind or water generated clean energy. This is then paired with our state of the art heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

By necessity or by choice, you can build on or off the grid. And enjoy a modern lifestyle without any compromise.

If you desire total freedom, maximum comfort, extreme performance, durability and long-term savings, Polar Extreme is ready to deliver wherever you decide to live, work or play.



Polar Maxima Off the Grid

Kit homes are ideal for isolated and northern building projects. They're also great for individuals and communities wanting to save the most by building their own homes or buildings.

All components are carefully selected and made of grade select materials. The structure is protected with environmentally friendly rot and mildew resistant coatings. The cuts are very precise and every piece is color coded, numbered and ready for easy assembly. Plans are easy to read and the step-by-step instructions are simple to follow.


Polar Maxima Assembled Panels

Be prepared to unload and proceed to a quick build. These pre-assembled panels are designed for easy, fast and secure assembly.

Save time and energy with half the work done. Designed for the least construction savvy, the panels come with easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions. Enjoy your home faster and still save a considerable amount of money on the work you perform yourself or with the help of others.


Polar Maxima

Assembled in a controlled environment, modular structures are the best way forward to move into your new energy efficient home the fastest.  

Modules are delivered the way you order and need them: partially finished, nearly completed and ready to live in.

Hire your own team to proceed to final assembly on-site. Or allow our crews of experts to complete your modular home project in record time and deliver a seamless energy efficient home or building worthy of your pride. 


The world is filled with brilliant floor plan ideas and the web offers countless design options sure to make your heart beat. Close your eyes for a minute and visualize the house of your dreams...

Minimalist or castle like. Your home ought to be a reflection of your personality and be harmonious with your environment. More than a shelter or a roof over your head. It's a safe haven where you'll likely spend the major part of your life until you decide to sell or pass it on.

your plan

If you have a plan of your own, either on paper or from the web, we will adapt our technology to make your dream become a reality.

NEW plan

We listen to your needs, ask your preferences, inquire about habits and we design just for you, a plan tailored to your personality. 

our plan

If you like the functionality of our floor plans, designed with harmony and space maximization in mind, we are pleased to promptly deliver. 

For more information, contact us about your on or off the grid building project.

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