Engineered Kit Building Structures
& Exterior Insulation Systems

Polar Maxima specializes in energy efficient kit homes,
especially for rural, isolated and northern communities.

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Looking to establish yourself as a leader in environmental stewardship?  Polar Maxima offers a competitive advantage with a five year warranty of high-performance, extreme energy efficiency,  and lasting peace of mind. We use higher quality products and systems that contribute to LEED points and other recognized, international building certification programs. Work with Polar Maxima to save money on build time, maintenance and operations costs. We have unique eco-responsible solutions for you.


The environmentalist at heart will appreciate the freedom and independence of living in harmony with nature while having the convenience of modern day life. Our options allow you to reduce your water consumption and sewer production, creating a minimal carbon footprint. Polar Maxima's higher energy efficiency offers smooth off-grid configuration so you can live easily and comfortably away from the utility grid.  For mining, exploration or tourism, our technology helps you save tremendous amounts of money. It helps to reduce or eliminate the need for on site centralized power generation.


We are well aware of the ongoing housing crisis faced by indigenous and northern communities. So Polar Maxima designed a home tailored to your cultural and environmental needs and offers it as a kit. These kit homes perform exceptionally well in the challenging climates of the North and the Arctic. Plus, they were made to be durable, affordable and easy to assemble. This means you can provide more home protection under the same budget while helping promote the economy by hiring local. Let us help you build a better future in your community.


Looking for an eco-friendly home that lowers your energy bills, enhances your comfort, and offers healthier living? Look no further. Polar Maxima offers you the opportunity to own and even build a home that will last and outlast while performing exceptionally well in all climates.  Our innovative building technology creates a safe and healthy environment and our structures are engineered to be resilient and more durable. Our homes are designed to save you time, money and energy so you can enjoy a better lifestyle that can be passed on to future generations.

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