Kit Homes & Energy Efficient Products 
Ready to assemble and install, anywhere you live

Simplifying how you a build a home.

Let's face it. Building a home is complicated. It requires specialized skills, tools and equipment. Completing a building project often takes more time than anticipated and so it costs more. When you add factors like building with sustainability in mind, in climates with hot or cold waves that last for weeks - if not months, or in northern and other difficult to access locations, construction becomes even more complex, lengthy and expensive.

We get it. We've lived and built homes for the last 30 years in both Quebec and Yukon, Canada.

That's why we want to transform the construction industry while helping communities live better and reduce their human carbon footprint.

Our kit homes are...


Locally sourced and manufactured products help reduce your carbon footprint and support the regional economy.


Healthy living starts with clean indoor air quality by eliminating toxic VOCs and polluting products.


Thermal-bridge free insulation and high-performance systems reduce your energy needs by up to 90%.


Sustainable products minimize harm to the environment and ensure quality of life for your grandchildren.


Enjoy peace of mind with a long-lasting home that saves you money on maintenance and replacements costs.

Multiple Options Are Available


Choose from three climate specific insulation packages:

  • Polar Cub - for temperatures from -20C to +30C
  • Polar Bear - for temperatures from -40C to +40C 
  • Polar Extreme - for extreme climates and off-the-grid


Choose from three power options:

  • Power grid - connected to the regular utitlity grid
  • Semi solar - connected to the uility grid & solar panels
  • Solar & Passive - for the off-the-grid living

Wall Type

Choose from three wall types:

  • Post & Beam - large, foundational posts and roof trusses
  • Stick Built - crawlspace foundation and support walls
  • Cross-laminated timber - layered wood panel system

Assembly Support

Choose from three assembly support options:

  • KIT 101 - DIY with provided instructions & videos
  • Assembly assisted - DIY & hire us or a contractor
  • Turn-key - you hire us or a contractor to fully assemble

systems & products

Choose the right systems and products for your home:

  • Systems - heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. 
  • Furniture & Applicances 
  • Accessories and more

Each kit home is similar to flat pack furniture. 
It is loaded into enclosed cargo vans or containers and shipped to your building site with all the tools and materials needed for final assembly.

KIT Home Manufacturing means 90% of the job's done, only 10% of comprehensive assembly is left.
Then you ENJOY the comfort of your new home and reap the benefits for generations to come!